History Of DDF

In 1991, a group of doctors from Delhi having special interest in diabetes met together to discuss the cause of growing no. of  diabetics in the world particularly in india. Shri Sunil Mehra now in  Eli Lilly Co. was instrumental in bringing these doctors together.    Dr. M.P. Aggarwal HOD Diabetes Dept. Safdarjung Hospital , Dr.  S.K. Wangnoo Endocrinologist Apollo Hospital , Dr. A.K. Jhingan  from State Bank Of India , Dr. Ashok Sharma from Escorts Heart  Institute, Dr. V.K.Gujral Diabetologist National Heart Institute, Dr.  B.M.Makkar, Dr. Rajiv Gupta practicing diabetes in different areas  of Delhi formed Delhi Diabetic Forum, (DDF) and decided to make  the abdominal organ pancreas its logo.

The Members of DDF could be any one, whether doctor paramedic  or any one from public who is interested to work for diabetes and  to bring awareness about diabetes & its complications. Diabetes  patients were also enrolled as members.

The Aims & Objectvies were decided: screening of populations for diabetes, diabetes Education to patients & public through various means, their rights & responsibility, CME Doctors & Paramedics. Research etc. were some of the aims and so also to mobilize the  society, Govt. organization & Pvt. organizations for concessions  to the members of the forum.

Rules & regulations were framed and the forum was registered  under societies Act 1860 vide letter no.S-23251

Registered office was decided to be at 39/17, Old Rajinder Nagar,  New Delhi-110060 at Dr. M.P.Agarwal's Residence. Dr. Agarwal,  Dr. Gujral, Dr. A.K.Jhingan, Dr. Sharma were designed as  president, Gen. Secy. And  Finance secy., while other doctors  above were the members, Shri Alok Kumar Advocate, Dr.  H.K.Agarwal, Dr. Shyam Sunder and  Dr. S.P.Puri were added in  the first list of the governing body of  Members.

Constitution of Forum was framed which was subsequently  registered as above.

  1. Activities for Doctors members

    In subsequent years, DDF started many activities. Big Diabetes Camps for public, seminar and symposium for doctors, training for paramedics were organized in various institutions and parts of Delhi

    Dr. M.P.Agarwal , Dr. V.K.Gujral , Dr. Rajiv Gupta were elected as presidents between 1991 to 2003, each for different length of years.

    The number of members as doctors increased gradually. Noida Diabetic Forum, Gurgaon Diabetic Forum were subsequently established on the same pattern as DDF and so also Agra and Mathura Diabetic Forum.

  2. Activities for Patients

    • World Diabetes Day – 14th November
    From 1991 November onwards every year World Diabetes day is being celebrated by DDF in the form of big camp , or diabetic melas in various parts of Delhi where free blood sugar testing, various check-up and other test like ECG, Echo Cardiography, Biothesiometry etc. and consultation by diabetologists & by other specialists are given. Each mela is attended by hundreds of Diabetics . Stall and Diet Exhibition etc. are special attractions in these melas.

    Education to the patients by slides is given by senior doctors. Patients queries are answered and they are also given training how to take insulin with syringes, pens etc. They also learn SMBG (Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose) testing with Glucometer. Thus the patients are made self sufficient to party manage diabetes themselves. At times walk and race by diabetic patients are arranged to highlight the importance of Exercise & Walk.

    • Regular Camps
    For last 12 years DDF is organizing diabetic camps on regular basis in Delhi. Noida and Gurgaon on every Sunday of the month at 5 or 6 fixed places, free blood sugar testing consultation by Diabetologist and diabetes education is being imparted to Diabetic patients. Thus the poor patients can take advantage of these regular free check-up camps and follow up their disease every month free of charge at the same place on fixed day usually (Sunday) of every month.
  1. CME for Doctors

    The DDF organises CME for Doctors every alternate month where a specific topic on diabetes is discussed along with relevant case presentation. In the month of April every year Annual Update on Diabetes (DIABCON) is organised. In this Update doctors from all over the country come & discuss the latest trends in the management of Diabetes. This year this will be the 15th Update.

  2. Training & Paramedical Staff

    DDF has been instrumental in training of Nursing & other paramedical staff in form of lectures, Demonstrations & Workshops etc. for the better patient care of Diabetics.

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